August 28, 2015

The Hurt Locker Urdu Dub


Jaxon Bieber said...

This movie fascinated me. I come from an Army background and was married to a Marine so I'm familiar with the adrenaline addiction that life in a war zone produces in some people. At home the main character 123movies online is just one more bored, restless young man with few future prospects. As an Army bomb disposal expert in Iraq he can play cowboy every day, challenging the odds in deadly circumstances and riding the rush each time he walks away unharmed. High-ranking officers praise him publicly and other soldiers either fear him or are in awe of him. The greater the thrills, the greater the craving for them.

I have no idea whether zmovies the conditions in Iraq are portrayed accurately here, so if you're looking for documentary realism don't watch this movie. If you want a study of, as the quote in the opening says, "war as a drug," this movie is superb. Plus, Jeremy Renner nails the leading role cold.


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