May 5, 2014

No 4G: Warid telecom trying to uplift its dejected customers

Warid Telecom Pakistan didn’t participate in the 3G and 4G auction of 23rd March 2014. Warid had planned to launch 4G services on its existing license which have enough frequency capacity for the company to launch 4G services but it needs approval from government.
Customers felt dejected for no participation of Warid telecom in 3G or 4G. Warid telecom customers started porting out when other networks started advertising for their 3G or the big ads of Zong’s 4G.
Even those customers are moving to 3G networks who don’t have a 3G phone, who have never even used GPRS in their life. Some don’t even know what is 3G and 4G. They are blindly trying to follow what is being trended on the advertising media.
Warid telecom noticed fast porting out of customers from the network. To stop the flow of customers, Warid telecom sent SMS messages to its customers.
SMS such as: Warid telecom is to make big data announcement in coming days. Dear customers wait and stay with us.
Another SMS sent by Warid to its customers is:  Dear customer, if you receive call from 333, 345, 300, 310 asking you to port out. Kindly inform us immediately on 321.
Still when Warid couldn’t stop the flow of porting out customers, they launched the above image advertising in the newspapers and on its website. Which tells that Warid have plans to launch 4G LTE in the near future.
Warid is in contact with the PTA about their 4G launch. Other networks will launch 3G services after 10 April. Zong will take several months to launch 4G in Pakistan.
Zong, which is the only network who won 4G license in the auction, have asked PTA not to allow Warid to start 4G before Zong does it.



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